Animal Jam Report – Is it Legit and How to Avoid Being Scammed on Animal Jam

Animal Jam claims to be an interesting and exciting online play area for kids. According to the manufacturers the game is a great way to learn specially for kids who have an interest in animals and like to play outdoors. The game makers also claim that Animal Jam is an educational game that teaches through illustrations and interaction; it was created in partnership with National Geographic Kids.

To play the game its players have to create their own login accounts and like all other online activities Animal Jam too welcomes parents’ involvement to make sure that their children are making the best use of this interactive online tool. However for parents who have never heard of the game it can be a point of concern to let their children create a profile on an online platform. One of the main concerns parents have about is the in-app purchases feature for game resources like diamonds. Cheating for Animal Jam seems to be participated by many players of this popular online game.

The best way to make up your mind about the game is to see its user reviews, which will help parents make an informed decision about the game.

There are many online sites where you can find reviews both negative and positive, about Animal Jam; however to save time and give you only the meaningful information here is a collection of reviews that parents can find extremely useful.

The Bad Sides of Animal Jam

Unfortunately despite the fact that National Geographic Kids sponsors the game Animal Jam has attracted some negative feedback from parents. The most complaints from the parents have been related to the inability of the game makers to moderate the in-game chatting sessions.

According to a few user reviews many adults have created fake profiles on the game and indulge in inappropriate chats with children. Many of the remarks are of sexual nature that is against game’s policy of “moderated chat”, but it still happens.

A few users have also raised the issue of the game being too addictive; they believe that their children start to ignore their outdoor activates and homework to play the game. These users believe that parents should take all aspects into consideration before letting their children create an account on the platform.

A few parents also believe that the game is not appropriate for children and is quite “sexualized” especially a few spaces where animals are hooking up and going into each other’s den. They believe that these kind of understated “hook ups” create confused concepts among children.

A few concerns about the membership charges have been raised as well. According to a few parents the membership gets renewed automatically and you get charge even if your child did not play the game for a while. There are many webpages where it holds contests to give out Animal Jam codes for free membership, which is worth checking out.

Another issue is regarding the availability of special items; according to many reviews the “cool items” get offered to paid members only and those who play free have to make do with standard game play and items.

Account hacking has also been reported by parents who complained about their children’s hard earned items being stolen. These parents have also complained about poor customer service that is hard to contact and if found never make refunds.

The Good Sides of Animal Jam

Even though good reviews are hard to find but they do exist online. A few parents have found the game to be extremely educational.

Sanimal jam tigerome parents claim that their children have learned a lot about animals through this game.

However it should be noted here that most of these parents have not been involved with Animal Jam for a long time; most of the complaints are by the parents whose children have been playing the game for more than six months.

After going through all the reviews it can be safely said that even if you allowed your children to play Animal Jam, but the game will require constant adult/parent supervision; therefore you must weigh all pros and cons before you allow your children to have an account on Animal Jam.

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of reports to cover the scams in the virtual worlds, particularly centered around games designed for kids. These mobile and browser based games have been cropping up everywhere vying for the attention of children. Often, parents aren’t too knowledgeable about these ‘games.’ We are happy to report that Animal Jam, while it still has a lot of the nagging issues such as in-app purchases and monthly memberships, it is still one of the better games available for children.

Animal Jam is a fun online virtual game launched by National Geographic. Aimed at children, the game is available for free and provides hours of entertainment in which kids can create and customize characters and living spaces while chatting in real time and learning about animals in the process. But how does your child avoid being scammed while playing Animal Jam?

What Is Scamming in Animal Jam?

There are some players on Animal Jam who try to trick other players into giving them something for nothing. This may be a code or an item in the game. They may offer something in return but that item never materializes.

How To Recognize

There are several phrases that members may use that indicate scamming. These include “gift me”, or mentioning that it is their birthday. Another common method is to invite other members back to their den for a “giveaway”.

How To Avoid

Although there is no actual way to avoid scammers, the best solution is to simple ignore them. If you see anything that appears to be scamming behavior, you should never comply with whatever it is that they are asking you to do. If the offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is, so don’t take the chance.

What Should You Spot It?

If you see a player in the game displaying what appears to be scamming banimal jam turtleehavior, you shouldn’t be rude to them or attempt to draw attention to what they are doing within the game. Instead, you should bring up their user card by clicking on their name tag and report them for scamming. You can also use this option to block that player, meaning that you will no longer be able to receive their chat messages.

As long as you are aware of the scamming traps, you can easily avoid being scammed on Animal Jam. Be vigilant while playing the game and ignore any requests for gifts that appear too good to be true. If you stay on your guard, you should be able to enjoy playing without the upset of being scammed.

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