Is In-app Purchases for games like Clash Royale a scam?

There is a big problem with the mobile gaming industry and there is no end in sight for it. When smartphones and tablets were first introduced, gaming on mobile devices was nothing but a novelty. There were no blockbuster games like Clash Royale that seems to be enjoyed by millions of gamers. It is unclear who started the trends of in-app purchases but it has become a stagger industry of its own.

When unsuspecting parents or gamers are hit with insanely high bills over what amounts to nothing called ‘virtual items,’ there is something awry with the system. The absurdity reached a new high when a top Clash Royale player revealed that he has spent 12 grand on buying gems and diamonds. Most smart players rather choose to use online hack tools like Clash Royale cheats. The free gem acquisition works and can be a lot lighter on your wallet.


What exactly is driving players to spend their real world money in virtual items that aren’t tangible? For one, video games give users the empty sense of achievements. When you win a match or a battle in a video game especially against other real users, it isn’t any different than any real world games people play. The satisfaction at the end of the game when winning gives you the same hits of happiness.

The problem becomes all the more troubling when games are designed to be a money sucking pit. Players throw dollars after dollars in the game, hoping to progress further and gain more achievements. Combined with the fact that many mobile game developers deliberately manipulate the game mechanics to make it harder to progress in games without buying in-app purchase.

So far, Apple has responded meekly to this new phenomenal by letting users lock out any IAP features of games. Google also responded by marking specifically that the games that will be installed has IAP. This is a Band-Aid to a bigger problem and until the incentives behind IAP exist (money), the problem simply won’t go away until bigger hammer is reigned down upon these mobile game developers.

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